Build a successful yoga business. Sell out your yoga studio membership, workshops, privates, high end coaching, manuals/ebooks, retreats, teacher trainings. Fall in love with social media, marketing and sales as a world-renowned yoga teacher without sacrificing your values & health.


Get rid of confusion, stress and overwhelm in your business and start making the money you desire in your yoga business. All of this without sacrificing who you are, your values and health to get there.  

 Learn how to position yourself in the marketplace so you aren't throwing spaghetti at the wall anymore in your yoga business. 


Become a master of this sales and marketing process where you will become more of who you are, master your reality and turn those into offers that sell like hotcakes. This is a timeless strategy of personal branding that will beat algorithms for decades to come.


In this course, I will teach you how to structure your lifestyle, your mindset, your offers, your social media and your business so that you will be able to make money now and forever. 

Walk away with the tools to build a yearly editorial calendar of content that will grow your audience in a profitable niche and turn your followers into paying customers. 


It doesn't matter if you have a small following, you will gain the tools necessary to fill out your offerings and start making money now.


No team required.

No fancy tech. 

No expensive tools.

I know you probably think...

  • I need to hire a team, i just cannot even do all this backend stuff...

  • Why aren't my offers selling out like HER?!

  • As soon as i have success, i spend all my money and i am back in the same place...

  • Tech freaks me out, i get so frustrated with everything online.

  • It's just the algorithm, nothing gets noticed and i am so tired of trying...

  • Why won't my shit just blow up already?!

  • I'm leaning back and trusting, why isn't it falling in my lap?!

  • I'm talking about my services, why aren't they buying?

  • I don't have the ad spend to do this ( don't need it) 

  • I’ve burnt out before or had failed launches, how is this different?

Let the testimonials speak for themselves...

Good morning Margie🪷 

Wanted to send you a quick message telling you since I started slowing down and healing my adrenal glands and working within my doshas that I have been feeling SOOO much better!!! Even with this month's moon cycle I am ENJOYING my flow!!! Never!!! Ever!!! Did I believe I would be saying that!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge 

🥰 Much love and light being sent your way💕

-Lydia Walters

Margie, as I reflect on this past year, all of my growth as a woman, a leader, an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife and a provider; tremendous gratitude is outpouring from my heart to yours.
You initiated the awakening of my deeply malnourished divine feminine and through your practices I’ve learned to nourish Her and truly embody my Queen Spirit.
Not only have I revived my physical body, aligned my cycle with the moon, passed this wisdom on to my clients and patients but I’ve developed my intuitive gifts in mediumship, premonition and have learned how to deeply respect the FUCK NO energy when I feel it, establish healthy boundaries and honor my sovereignty.
Thank you Margie 🙏🏻

- Michelle Dellene

"Working with Margie reinvigorated my passion for my work and brought me into deeper alignment of what I really wanted to offer and to who. Her expertise was powerful in guiding me in my marketing strategies. After a year and a half of "failed launches bringing only 1-2 clients over the course of that who time (and working with big famous coaches who took me nowhere) I am so proud that my latest launch brought in $ far!!"

- Women's Health Coach (anonymous)

"OMG so the most ideal client came through today and is signing for $4500/3 months. I felt so clear pitching that price and she immediately signed."

- Caitlin Cooper

What you are going to learn...

  • Align to who you truly are so you can create a business from truth and authenticity that you are excited to show up for everyday. 

  • Decide exactly how many people you need to reach in your marketing efforts (no matter your audience size) in order to hit your launch goals. 

  • Create an offer that sells like hotcakes to your audience because you did the work necessary to have 100% certainty in it. Price it in a way that feels fair for you and the marketplace. 

  • Learn how to create a scale-able online time and location-independent business that makes you money everyday. You want to scale and expand your business past local and into a global community.

  • Learn how to set up a dope content plan and strategy that WORKS and will get your message into the world. Learn how to create an audience of die-hard followers who will buy anything you put out because they recognize your value and transform from your services.

  • Learn to LOVE selling, even if it has been a pain in your ass for more than you can remember. I will teach you how to see this process as part of your artistic expression that expands your big dream and vision.

  • Start following this proven method that has helped women all over the world scale their business up to $40k per month.

  • Learn exactly how to make reels, write copy, hooks, call to actions without dancing and pointing at text. Create a plan that feels good, nourishing and creative for you. 

  • Ditch your procrastination and perfectionism in your business so you can start taking massive action now and bringing in more clients each month…

  • Learn how to eliminate your fear of failure once and for all. It doesn’t matter if you have failed in your marketing efforts, heard crickets or had no one sign up before. You will walk away with the tools necessary to grow your business and sign clients now.

So you might be wondering for real…how do you make consistent money as a yoga teacher, Margie?

Well…i mastered the basics of sales and marketing through lots of trial and error with a yoga studio, privates, workshops, retreats, coaching, teacher trainings, all of it. Now I can create anything I want using this strategy.

When I am clear in who I truly am at my core...and i do the target research, i map out a business and marketing plan...i create pricing that is fair in the marketplace.

I create irresistible offers that are a no-brainer to my audience. 

I hold the confidence in myself, i show up on camera everyday. I KNOW I am the expert at what i teach....then of course, it all works, it's not just's my destiny to have success.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is this for?

This is for you if are a yoga teacher and you know you are meant to go bigger, create a movement, help more people and expand your reach and services online.

You have a service that you have already gotten clients results and you are ready to take it to the next level. You are done guessing, DIYing it, and trying to figure it out. You want the system. You want to know how to specifically tailor it to you. You are ready to make it happen NOW. 


Am I ready for this?

If you are ready to make more money in your yoga business, then this is for you. If you are ready to put in the effort, show up and serve. Then let's fucking go. 


Do i need a huge audience?

Absolutely not. I’ve watched clients who had less than 1000 followers have a $15k launch in one month. I’ve seen clients blow up their audience in a short amount of time. I even had my first $30k launch with only 4000 followers on YT. We are going to build your audience so be prepared to be SEEN online in your genius.

Do I need to be an expert at something?

Yes, having a solid expertise of yoga...and the more niched, the better. I'll help you find that. You don’t need to be the absolute best of the best, but you do need to be able to help someone who is just a few years behind you. ​

How long will it take me to create and launch my services?

Because I have seen my clients put together their offer and marketing plan in 3 short days, I am here to give you the exact system and strategy to do the same.

Do you offer refunds?

This program is self-paced and you will have it forever. Therefore, I do not offer refunds. Please be sure that this is the program for you. 

How long will i have access to the training?


Is there support directly with Margie?

Yes, if you need anything answered, email me at [email protected] and I am happy to answer your questions on weekdays from 11am to 4pm HST.

One Time Payment

  • Access to the training forever
  • 40 Days of Email Support on Weekdays  
  • 35 Hour Certification with Yoga Alliance Continuing Education 

3 Month Payment Plan

  • Access to the training forever
  • 40 Days of Email Support on Weekdays  
  • 35 Hour Certification with Yoga Alliance Continuing Education 

6 Month Payment Plan

  • Access to the training forever
  • 40 Days of Email Support on Weekdays  
  • 35 Hour Certification with Yoga Alliance Continuing Education 

 Hi I'm Margie


Creator of the world-renowned brand, Margie Pargie - Aerial Yoga Goddess

​When I first found yoga, I was completely head over heels obsessed. I started going every single day. I was already a fitness instructor and starting sharing photos of me on social media doing yoga. 

It took off fast. I quickly began teaching yoga and within a couple months, I was hired by Yoga Journal Conference to teach, had my own yoga studio and was using the power of social media to fill out my classes. 

I decided I wanted to go bigger, global and build an online brand so I started posting tutorials on YouTube, growing my Instagram and selling e-books. 

As my audience grew, I decided to start offering in person and online teacher trainings, selling aerial yoga hammocks and retreats. That's when I really scaled the business and multiplied my sales. 

I began travelling the world teaching trainings, retreats, working with high end clients and living the nomadic lifestyle. 


I've launched many different styles of yoga, trainings, high end coaching and retreats... and everything I do follows a very specific formula, rinse and repeat. 

If you are ready to take your yoga business to the next level, let's make some magic. 

See you on the inside, goddess!