7 Week E-course to increase orgasmic energy, manifestation speed, clear your chakras and regulate your nervous system like a boss. Learn this powerful set of kriyas to connect you to your divine power, authentic message and massive abundance. 


Your most real, authentic & juicy goddess self ACTIVATED 🌿

🌿Commit to your true SELF and dive into what truly lights you up, your TRUEST path.

🌿Your hottest expression of art, out in the world making bank.

🌿Learn this powerful set of kriyas to connect you to your divine power. 

🌿Heal your self-worth, sexual energy and attract everything you desire at record speed. 


Are you ready to SLAY fear?

All that matters on this journey is that you continue to RISE.


That is what is up right now. When you are 100% committed to
your growth as a spiritual being, leader, teacher, goddess, and human, you cannot do
this wrong.

You have all the tools.

You have all the resources to do exactly what you

When you stop letting ANYTHING be a source of your happiness besides the
actual magnificent force of the Universe, you tap into the most authentic version of your
true self.

Your body vibrates, your cells expand and the fucking force of nature guides
you in everything you do.

All the things you want come to you at a faster rate.

You become an energetic match for a lot of cash, the most amazing nourishing relationships and you become EAGER to serve the world.

When you are 100% dedicated to your
craft, your PRESENCE in the world, nothing else matters.

So how do we get there? We go deep af into our breath.

We turn FEAR (false evidence appearing real) into LOVE. 

Let's do this thing. I am READY for LIFE-CHANGING RESULTS for YOU!

Let's slay all your
limiting beliefs and show you how to vibe the highest you have ever vibed before.





You finally bust through and see your big vision more clearly than you have ever felt it



& You finally plant that seed.


You KNOW you are worthy of your dreams.


You take action IMMEDIATELY and start attracting all of your deepest desires into your life.


You are able to self-heal and step off the money rollercoaster with ease and flow


You learn everything thing you need to do to heal these areas: money, intimacy. relationships, your big vision and trusting the universe.


You have all the money you need to live out your wildest dream.


You have a self-love practice that qets you excited to jump out of bed in the morning.


You release energy vampires so you can show 100% for your big dream


You release quilt and shame around your financial decisions and instill a deep peace around the subject of money.


You DEEPLY trust yourself so that you will live with ease


You feel completely in the flow, sharing your story and experiences with your audience focused on your mission


You have a daily self-love practice that you are excited for and share this journey with clients across the world


You meditate every single day and only take inspired action towards your dreams.


& You finally opened that yoga studio, wrote that book or booked that performance you have been wanting to do forever.


You connect deeply with your students and learn from them as much as they learn from you...


I will help you with… BEING 100% committed to creating more impact, more influence, more wealth and share your TRUE goddess badass self with the world. 


Increasing your manifestation powers and energy like WHOA Raising your wealth ceiling- getting to a way high vibration of elation, ecstasy, freedom and love. 


Becoming a money magnet and to stop stressing about finances. Tapping into your creativity, experience life more fully and feel inspired. 


Experiencing more pleasure and intimacy, so you feel connected to everyone and everything on this planet.


Feeling like a rockstar, and BE in a higher vibration. I have a simple game plan to follow so you can provide the most VALUE and RESULTS for your students

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Master the chakras and nervous system 

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Dear goddess,

The real reason you haven’t been manifesting quickly is because you have not taken the time and energy to truly learn how to love yourself. You have subtle clues in your life that are telling you to relax, be, play and have fun, but you are ignoring. You are resisting the divine flow. You are perceiving yourself as you are now, rather than who you truly want to be. You are making decisions from your current circumstances rather than the big vision. You are not fully trusting the Universe. You have not surrendered to the flow and released the attachment. You care what people will think and you are scared of your power. You probably saw your light and got scared.



Because you believe you are currently stuck in this situation or you may just not understand HOW to get yourself to the next step, you settle. You think this is how it is going to be.


Because you aren’t taking the leap, you feel stuck in the viscious cycle of just half-way doing life.


Because you aren’t making that commitment to YOURSELF, you aren’t getting into that higher vibration intentionally every single day.


You keep manifesting people who are draining you rather than inspiring you and lifting you up to that next level with them.


Because you slowly, over time, said no to your intuition, you have stuffed down your big dream and it just isn’t clear to you anymore. You lack clarity on your purpose.


I lived a lifestyle where I drank and did drugs almost every day, couldn’t seem to get my side hustle dream business off the ground. I was craving connection and authentic relationships.



I changed this situation quickly by surrendering to the universe. I started focusing 100% on my health, dreams, body and nervous system. Now I use orgasmic manifestation every single day to be a world-renowned spiritual teacher, personal brand and 6 figure earner.


It's time to master your self-love and snowball into lots of momentum.

You know deep down that you want more for your life. You know your dreams are under there, waiting to be seen and shared in the world. You know you are worthy of your deepest desires!!




AMBER: “If there is one thing I learned is to come out of my shell and be myself no matter what! The true ones will love me for who I am and I have hated my body for a long time. I am still self-conscious but it is time for me to start loving this body!!! Every one and every body is beautiful, no matter what the size. I still have work to do, but I am ready now more than ever to follow my dreams!”

Certified Aerial Yoga Goddess


TRACIE: “I'm really enjoying the community connection with other to get a better understanding how people get over their fears, bad situations, anxiety the universe works in mysterious ways. Of helping us reconnect when you send good energy to atmosphere how much more positive life becomes & surrender bad negative energy. Releasing it, I feel lifted relief like I have wings!! I've been journaling many times through my life in & out but lately more often just simple thoughts. I enjoyed breathing, workout mind body connections the sequence are giving me, I am really enjoying them. Your strengths are encouraging, helpful, supportive & uplifting. I love your killer energy & vibrant soul. It is what gets me excited to see what next sequence will bring & open next most fabulous feelings I get she lifts me higher to be proud of myself daily. Thank you Margie for this opportunity to be apart of this community 💜 you Rock. Nice thing about the community connection is knowing your not alone & it a nice connection with Margie Pargie she is real & has been through the shit we've all been through & will the way you teach 💓”


MELISSA: “Kundalini is life ✨I love what it brings to the table 😍 I love the live videos and getting to be interactive with people so it’s frustrating to not be able to catch them sometimes lol. The community of support is absolutely huge, like I was really unprepared for it and I think I should’ve taken more advantage of it at some points. Learning to reach out and be vulnerable in the process turns out to be pretty empowering when you’re with the right group of people. I love the full sequences, life talks and everything else that gets included in. I also have to note that the program itself did a really good job at helping me be more patient, caring, and understanding towards myself and my current situation... and to others’ by default. This whole program has kind of blown my world wide open in all the ways I didn’t expect it to!”

Reiki Master & Life Coach


HOLLIE: “I think the community connection is crucial. I love it. I love your energy and love that you give to all of us, and I especially love your raw honesty-that makes the experience so genuine. I've had other coaches or teachers who try and maintain a level of professionality that sometimes comes off as superiority, and I don't feel that with you. Knowing that you are going through some shit and you have to blast through it helps me know that it works for real.”

Aerial Yoga Teacher


AMANDA: “I think the community support has been amazing. This has been a great resource and place to come. I love the life talks. I have seen the most positivity from them. Some of these things, particularly having to do with sexuality were very new and a little uncomfortable for me— but that’s because I wasn’t raised thinking it’s ok to be open and free with things like that. This course kind of normalized it though for me, if that makes sense. Your strengths are definitely your charisma and your persona. I see you as a relatable person and someone that I would want to be like, especially in the transparency department.”


ERICA: “This course has honestly been the anchor in my life I needed to build better foundations for what I’m trying to create, I have along way to go but I feel the genuine difference this course has made on my life and I thank you for being a glue even when I get way off track with it and have to play catch up. Because I have such an issue with time and never seeming to have enough, my challenge is to stay caught up but I often fall behind. Even though I’m off course a little each talk before the Asanas always hits home with exactly what I seem to be battling. So far I feel entirely happy with the experience and think you have something really amazing happening here. Your strength is in your ability to hold so much space for so many people, I know it’s important to give you something about your weakness but I can’t think of any yet, if I do I’ll let you know. -thankful in Canada 🙏🏼”


CARLY: “The one thing that is truly helping me, inspiring me and motivating me is the talks we have. I also love the community support. I’ve never felt such a sense of belonging even among my friends. I’m not scared or ashamed to put everything I am out there in this group and I know I can always post here when I’m struggling and never get any judgement. The journaling has actually been very cleansing for me especially in the chakras that I’ve had some blocks. The talks you have before the sequences are what excite me to get started each week in a new module. I love how inspiring you are to us and how you make yourself available to us if we need support and also how you are so open and real with us. I can’t really think of any weaknesses right now 😍”


JILL: “I have had an aversion to journaling ever since I was young, my mom though that if she came across something like a private note or journal she could read it and usually comment on it in front of others and embarrass me. I bought several diaries as a child and I would write one entry, then tear it out and destroy it and never write in it again. So I am loving the journaling, although I still feel resistance to keep up with it at times. The talks are amazing and insightful. I am filled with ideas and inspiration on the daily. :) I feel more comfortable in my own skin. My husband and I are actually making moves to build a space for us to do our soul work. We are doing the work and getting in touch with the people to make all the things happen!!!!”