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Aerial Yoga Goddess

Pose Manual 🌸

An amazing resource for enthusiasts and teachers to master the basics of aerial yoga & deepen their skills. Every style of movement in, out and around the hammock to make sure you are cueing correctly and safely.

  • Inside the Hammock

  • Setting an intention

  • Standing

  • At the Hips

  • Warrior Series

  • Wrist Wraps

  • Standing in Hammock

  • Rib Hangs

  • Plank Flows

  • Laying Down

  • HIIT

  • Inversions

Feel confident in an aerial yoga hammock with the assistance of this 100 page full color photo and instructional manual.


Aerial Shred Manual 🌸

28 days of high intensity aerial power flows - 20 workouts, including arms, booty, abs, flips/tricks and fully body. A work out calendar to keep you organized and full color photos with text instructions to go with it. Watch your life transform with aerial workouts 5x per week.

See you on the inside, goddess! 
xx, Margie