Balance Your Sex Hormones like a Goddess 

Every body is different. We all have different beliefs, patterns, habits, addictions and past trauma. I am here to hold a safe space for you to uncover what's in the way of your vitality, health and ultimately experience a pain-free orgasmic feminine cycle. 

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Wild Womb Yoga Membership

A safe space for women to heal menstrual disorders, sexual shame, balance their hormones and feel amazing in their body through yoga, ayurveda, emotional healing and ancient feminine womb wisdom. 

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1 year into your deepest embodiment of Lakshmi 🌟

💗 This is for the woman who is a healer, a leader, a spiritual teacher that is ready to take her business, practice and embodiment to the deepest level this year. She wants to walk alongside me and have my eyes all in on what she is creating, who she is and how she is showing up. She wants me in her back pocket as she takes the bold and courageous steps into the world to launch her offerings. She is tired of playing small, staying comfortable and doing just enough. She is ready to be seen in the epic gifts she has deep within. She is ready to put to use the many certifications and trainings she has done over the last decade or even multiple decades. She is ready to get paid massively for these services and live in overflowing abundance. 💓

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"Margie as I reflect on this past year, all of my growth as a woman, a leader, an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife and a provider; tremendous gratitude is outpouring from my heart to yours.

You initiated the awakening of my deeply malnourished divine feminine and through your practices I’ve learned to nourish Her and truly embody my Queen Spirit.

Not only have I revived my physical body, aligned my cycle with the moon, passed this wisdom on to my clients and patients but I’ve developed my intuitive gifts in mediumship, premonition and have learned how to deeply respect the FUCK NO energy when I feel it, establish healthy boundaries and honor my sovereignty.

Thank you Margie 🙏🏻"

- Michelle Dellene