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Welcome gorgeous!

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I get it, you are burnt out of working in-person, you are capped and you want a way to spread your brand to the masses. You know you are here to be a world-renowned brand and you have an expertise that people need.


You fantasize about having more time, energy and money freedom.


You have the heart and the drive but you don’t know how to do this thing online, it is overwhelming asf.


You want to make money from the comfort of your home or anywhere you want to go.


The most important part of this is that you want to serve MORE people and create next level impact in your zone of genius.


It doesn’t matter if you have no training in tech, have a fear of being on camera or tried and failed before… I am going to break this down so easy for you so you are executing within a day of starting the course.


This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. You will need to put in work, about 3 hours minimum per day to get this going. (More if you can) and after 90 days, you will have an entirely new income stream where you are serving dream clients all over the world.


I am going to show you exactly how to identify your soul-aligned niche and offer so that you attract exactly the clients you desire.


I am going to show you exactly how I stay in the mindset of success everyday so I don’t drop my launches and stay committed to growing.


I am going to help you get laser focused so you are staying in your zone of genius and not getting distracted by what everyone else is doing, comparing yourself and ultimately, doubting yourself. It’s time to remember who the fuck you are and why you are here.


I am going to share with you how to write simple landing pages to sell your offers, how to create social media content that sells…so you can get back to SERVING your clients, doing what you love.


Most programs like this fall into 2 categories, super hustle or very mindset.


I pride myself on being a balance between the two. I have swung both ways and realized it’s not about hating on hustle or sitting back and working 4 hours per week….it’s about doing what I love everyday and serving more people.


You won’t have to sacrifice the lifestyle you desire in this model because you are teaching a group. You aren’t repeating yourself over and over. You aren’t spending all your time running around in person.

If you are ready to do the thing, join me for my free class, Your First $20k Launch right here. it will prompt you to become a member of my site  and i will immediately send you an email with the masterclass...then i will send you rad articles too that will help you grow your brand online. 


hi I'm Margie Pargie

i'm a serial entrepreneur & i'm obsessed with scaling pink brands online

I’m so glad you’ve arrived. I have been teaching women how to take their business online for 6 years now, travelling the world, doing whatever the fuck i want! I have helped women go from studio owners to online mentors. From restaurant owners, to photographers to name it. I've helped them have $10k days, $40k months, signing their most soul aligned clients. When you implement what i teach you, it's a no brainer that you will have success. If you have a skill, i know how to take it online. Especially since no one believed i could make aerial yoga a household name and practice.

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