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Here are some notes for you...

What support will you offer?


Imagine this person decides to work with you for the next 90 days, what TANGIBLE REAL RESULT could you create in their life. Cold hard facts.


OUTCOME/END RESULT needs to be specific: 

Example: I help women make an extra $10k per month by launching an online course without burning out, hustling & being too much in their masculine energy. 

This is measurable...


What are the problems that get in the way from them reaching this end result?

Example: Scared on camera, not knowing what to charge, thinking people won't pay them, not having a solid strategy....etc. 


List out all the problems, pains, symptoms of the pain, mistakes and ideal solutions for these people?

Who are these people? What do they do, how do they dress, where do they shop? If you don't know...start talking to people to determine who they are. 




Your client decides to work with you, what are the 4 steps to YOU helping them get the RESULTS they deside? 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


Why did you put them in this order?


How long did it take you to acquire this knowledge? And from whom?

What results have you achieved yourself to know you are worthy of leading this person as their coach? What results have you gotten for others?

Why are you so passionate about leading people in this way?


WHERE- where will this take place? What tools will you use to help them create this outcome in their life?


WHEN - will it be LIVE or self-paced? What does this look like?


Now that we know what your offer is....we can create a simple funnel and sales page to start signing clients up NOW. 

Simple Coaching Funnel Template

This is the method I use to help my clients just starting off to scale their business within 1-2 weeks to $10k+ months. This works best with a 1:1 or group program that is sold for $1,000 or more. This information is usually offered in my course for $1500+ I am giving it to you today for only $44. 

It includes everything you need to dial the foundation of your coaching funnel: 

Sales Page



Sales Conversations