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$250/day in Transformational Coaching

My whole life changed in 2016.

I was a circus performer and had an aerial yoga studio.

I was traveling as much as I could, but I was usually doing it for a trade/volunteering and stressing about money when I did.

I had full classes in my studio and paid well as a performer, but I was still just meeting ends meet at $4-6k per month.

I was capped. Annoyed. Confused. Stressed.

I wanted MORE. I wanted to feel like I was in complete overflow. I was tired of just "manifesting money" when I really needed it for basic neccessities.

I couldn't downsize anymore with my bills being less than $2000 a month.

That was when I was sitting in my studio on Halloween night. It was a full moon. It was the first time NO ONE showed up for my goddess circles. My goddess circles were a fucking vibe. Women in my community knew I was a powerhouse and everyone always left feeling like they could take on the world.

So I looked in the mirror and I did my rituals I had planned by myself.

I did my yoga, breathwork, journaling and shadow work and what came through was that I was playing so small. I needed to break loose and start travelling the world. I needed to go way bigger.

That's when I signed into all my social media accounts and I was blown away by how many people were tuning in, watching my tutorials, commenting, asking for more and I wasn't even getting notifications from them at that point!

I had built a small engaged following that was watching my every move.

I had been posting very consistently for years but started really taking it seriously for about 8 months, SEOing and keywording my videos, not realizing that people were there...

I thought I needed 100k followers to monetize.

I signed up with my first online business coach and realized that I had the power to start monetizing NOW.

In this video, I share with you what I did to make an insane amount of money on my first launch.

Not only did this happen, but I sold out a retreat in a few days, making $14,000 and signing up 27 women. I went on to life and business coach women all over the world, all expenses paid. Working with forbes, circuses, teachers, studio owners, name it.

I began having $10k months consistently and scaling up to $50k months for the last 6 years, fully location, time and financially free.

If you are feeling capped in your business model, I am here to help you.

If you know you are meant for MORE, let me help you scale to $10k+ consistent months.

Apply to work with me at

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