Are pain points ethical in business?

A higher price point for a service … unfortunately doesn’t always mean higher value.

There’s a lot of people at the top of coaching pyramid scheme that tell you to just raise your prices, to just charge more, to offer these obnoxious price gouging rates in order to position yourself as a high ticket coach.

Why I have a problem with this is that when people raise the price of their program…they don’t raise any value inside of the program.

They don’t offer any more hands on, anymore content, or anything else except their belief that their program should be higher priced.

In the coaching industry, they are price gouging the shit out of people.

So many people have told me their horror stories and spent the price of a car in order to get into these programs, only to lose a lot of respect and trust in the coaching industry.

Price what is fair.

Price what your shit is worth.

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