Being vulnerable to sell your shit is unethical

Being super vulnerable about your deepest shit online is actually not required to fill your coaching packages and grow your business.

A lot of coaches use this being vulnerable in order to sell their packages so people feel close to them…that way they are easier to manipulate.

You’ll see a lot of the big coaches will share some of the deepest and most intimate parts of their life, business and relationships.

What they are doing is building parasocial relationships.

They don’t know you.

So for them to share these really deep intimate things to really help you understand them more and make you more likely to hop into their coaching containers.

It gives you the idea that if you invest, you will be closer to them and get more of the juicy details. That usually…have nothing to do with the actually end result you are desiring inside of that program.

It’s important to feel strong in yourself when you’re working with clients. Let’s normalize taking breaks when we’re grieving and holding a lot ✨

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