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Do this to 10x your business ๐Ÿ’“

Rid distractions- Stop going anywhere or doing anything that doesn't directly move your business forward. Unfollow everyone who doesn't inspire you.

Stop eating shit & nourish your body as much as you can. Fuel your body with micronutrients & eat simply. automate this so you don't have to worry or make decisions spontaneously.

Create a nighttime routine that taps you into your vision, keeps you focused and refreshed to create magic right when you wake up. When your routine gets boring, recognize this and have a plan that will be fun, but not derail you.

Create a magnetic sales funnel that dominates your niche. Become a content machine. focus on understanding exactly what your people need and fall in love with making their life better.

Move through resistance and back to unshakeable belief through embodiment work like your life depends on it.

Find a mentor that's done what you want to do. Find an accountability buddy that has the same goals as you. Don't talk to anyone about your goals unless you are 100% sure they understand and have the capacity to support you.

Make space- about 1-2 hours per day to sit in silence and ask empowering questions that show you who you truly are, go here FIRST always before talking to anyone else.

Become obsessed with the process instead of the outcome. when you love what you do everyday, it will become easy and something you can't wait to do. structure your business around what you love.

Don't compare yourself to anyone...write down your accomplishments each day and make sure you are getting better...that is your only competition.

Which one resonates most? ๐Ÿ’“

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