How to handle objections in sales

How do I handle objections?

Well. I don’t.

I don’t try to help people get through their fear of investing, especially not when they say they can’t afford it.

This is something they teach in the industry and its gross.

I say, well that was great connecting with you.

When you are ready, please let me know.

When they say they can’t afford something or they aren’t ready, its not up to you to make them feel ready.

Its not your job to push them into the sale.

Its not your job to help them figure it out.

Its your job to listen and give your client or future client exactly what they need before you making a sale.

Listen to people.

Feel them out.

Help them find what they need and what’s best for them, whether it is your services or not.

You are interviewing them.

Then they will trust you.

Then probably buy from you when they are ready.

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