How to heal the fear of failure

The thing with manifestation is that being high vibe and bubbly isn’t the thing that makes things manifest.

When we really want to create a life of our dreams and manifest the things that we desire, we must stair step our way each day, every single time we have a lower emotion.

If you look at the emotional guidance scale, you’ll see that shame is at the bottom.

At the top is joy and freedom.

If you are feeling shame and you push yourself to joy, you are going to feel like more shit.

If you are able to go from shame, anger, content, to happiness, to joy, you’ll create a faster momentum.

When you learn how to do this and you can get yourself out of funks and don’t make yourself wrong for having low vibes, you can be patient with yourself…really actually shift things quickly by getting to the root and where the wounds are.

So that ultimately, you can give yourself what you need in that moment.

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