How to let go of your victim mindset

I am going to tell you right now, that there is a time and place to be a victim.

There are systems of abuse and oppressions and things out there in the capitalistic world that make us a victim.

When you look at that, when you choose to go into the pain of how you became a victim, you allow the feelings to be felt.

You speak up to the people and the systems you have been a victim of, you can then reclaim that you are no longer a victim.

Its important that you don’t shove down this pain and hurt.

You choose to be a victim for a moment and then you choose again.

Once you have felt it, moved through it, spoke your truth.

Then you can choose to be an advocate and leader in that thing and become a support for other people to help them shift too. (Although the last part is also not required)

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