Imposter Syndrome: an unpopular opinion

There’s a lot of people in the coaching industry that talk about being scared that they aren’t qualified.

This is maybe an unpopular opinion:

If you are not qualified, stop.

This isn’t a reason to push through, I am just going to go for it. I have life experience.

Its important to have the credentials and the true tools to help people with what you promise to deliver.

This is important so that you don’t harm people or traumatize them working with their psyche and subconscious.

Being trauma informed is super important so that you know when to hire out when it is out of your scope of practice.

This kind of stuff where people are working with people without being qualified is just not going to fly anymore.

You can get a therapist for free these days and sometimes that’s what someone needs, not to push through.

People are waking up.

Learn when you need to hire out and when you are qualified to do certain work with your clients.

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