Investing high ticket is not required

When coaches tell you that investing more = more ROI is because you are paying to be shouted out to their audience and those that cannot afford to work with the mentor will work with you.

Quite literally, it is an investment into the pyramid scheme of coaches coaching coaches to coach coaches.

Often times, people being traumatized by the lack of actual coaching they are receiving.

When you pay a high ticket for a course or program, that does not mean you are getting more value.

I know because I have paid the high ticket prices, played the game and have been very close on the inner circles of these coaching pyramid schemes.

I have found that most of the sessions I have paid fair market value for have left me feeling so much more seen, heard and way less traumatized…leading me to much more aligned feelings, thoughts and beliefs in my business that actual create real ROI.

When you are risking it all, you are taxing your nervous system and doing the opposite of what feels safe. These high level pyramid scheme coaches are teaching manipulative sales techniques that are rooted in capitalism with a spiritual bow. Often times, using sxxxx to sell.

I know for me…that does not align to my core values and my deep desire to serve the world in a way that feels wholesome.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 💓

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