A gentle approach to self-sabotage

Updated: Oct 21

To truly manifest, you need to understand you core wounds and your core needs.

What happens is your core wounds are running the show from your subconscious.

From your old past memories, from your childhood shit.

Then when you can see them as patterns in your life (shine light on the shadow), you can see on the opposite spectrum what core need is getting met by playing out these wounds.

Then every time you do something that you would label as “self-sabotage” or getting us off our path, we can look at this core wound and action is trying to protect yourself and get a need met.

When you can look at that with gentle awareness…you can then give yourself something healthier to meet that core need.

Some common core wounds:

I am not good enough. I am bad, weak, don't matter, stupid, unseen/unheard. I don't belong. I am not connected. I am rejected, not worthy, not liked. I am excluded, stuck, not loved, not safe, helpless, defective, misunderstood, disrespected. I am powerless.

Some common core needs:

Connection - love, affection, belonging, empathy

Significance - belief, empowerment, meaning, admiration, authenticity, integrity

Expression - give, create, assist, support, presence

Expansion - opportunity, awareness, understanding, progress, self-growth

Certainty - independence, space, boundaries, safety, structure, food, movement, sleep, peace

Novelty - change, spontaneity, travel, discovery, joy, playfulness, humor, flow

Let me know below…

What are you moving through?

What are you healing?

What are the shifts and actions you are taking everyday to give yourself what you need?

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