The key to ultimate fulfillment

… in life is shifting from your zone of excellence into your zone of genius.

Holding yourself in this zone of genius, not settling for anything less.

Your zone of excellence is something that you are really good at, you are paid well for but it just doesn’t light your soul on fire the way your zone of genius does.

Your zone of genius is something that only YOU can do. No other soul on this planet can do what you do in your zone of genius.

You’ll know your in your zone of genius when you feel this heightened sense of absolute fuck yes in your life.

In your zone of excellence, you feel good, you make good money but you have this slight feeling of …. Do I truly want to spend my time always doing this?

Your zone of genius will make you feel like so alive.

So full of purpose.

You just wanna do that as much as humanly possible.

If you can say no and stop settling for the zone of excellence and choose to spend more and more time in your zone of genius, you’ll find that your fulfillment level will go to a whole new vibe.

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