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The Truth About Making Money Online (Why most people fail)

Most people fail online because they're watching people who have been doing it for years and years and years and think that they should do the same thing. But the truth is, when you're first starting out, you have to put in more work than ever to get the foundation laid. You need to understand. How to say the things that people don't wanna hear, so they will actually make changes in their life.

You need to spit the truth. You need to share your process. You need to share the things that were hard for you and sometimes are hard to say online. You need to be confident in that, and you need to build offers that absolutely change people's lives. So once you start selling offers and getting people results, it's going to rev up even faster because those people are gonna talk. You're gonna have testimonials.

Keep going, don't give up.

You are here to be legendary.

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