Why you need a niche to scale

There’s a lot of talk in the feminine coaching world about “being your niche”

yes, be your niche. Yes, be yourself.

But the thing is….each offer, each product, each service that you put out into the world needs to have an end result.

Oh no, how masculine of me 😈

Your services need to fall into one of three categories: health, wealth or relationships.

If your client aren’t sure exactly what you are doing in each of your offerings…they’re not going to feel confident that you can solve that problem.

If you can pick a niche and an end result, then speak to the pains, problems, symptoms, mistakes and desired outcome of your clients, people understand and feel confident that you can get them to the end result…

You don’t have to stay in that niche forever.

You can have different offerings that have different end results.

But you are going to sign a lot more clients if you pick one and stick to it.

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