Learn how to work with women to improve their feminine health- teach them how to heal menstrual imbalances, balance their hormones and create powerful ayurvedic and yoga rituals that improve their well being, confidence and quality of life. Understand the female reproductive organs and systems and how that relates to the brain and digestion.

Tantra Yoga

Dive deep into the ancient wisdom of Tantra. Learn the stories, philosophy and embodiment of the Shakti Goddesses. Learn how to sequence classes with unique and powerful modality that incorporates breathwork, numerology, asana, mudra, more to achieve pure embodiment of bliss. 

Kundalini Awakening

As you go through this journey, you will experience your own kundalini awakening that will give you the deepest understanding of the goddesses. You will begin to notice them with you and develop a very intimate relationship. Through your own embodiment of Shakti, you will rise into your highest power and be able to teach from your intuition. 


💗 You are walking with the Shakti goddesses in all areas of your life, embodying the deep wisdom of tantra and sharing it everyday.

💗 You look at yourself in the mirror and say heck yes while feeling joyous, spectacular, emotionally healthy and amazing.

💗 You are teaching classes where hundreds of people are showing up, excited to embody this ancient feminine wisdom. 

💗 You are helping women to balance their hormones, improve their menstrual imbalances and your clients are feeling more healthy than ever...even stoked about their menstrual cycle. 

💗 You feel connected to your femininity, feeling confident, grounded in your body and connected to the earth. 

💗 You have a deep understanding of Ayurveda and how it relates to feminine health, digestion and the menstrual cycle.  

💗 You have the confidence to teach classes, workshops, privates, retreats and channel the deep wisdom of the goddesses for a group.

💗 You are free from pain, fatigue and brain fog...and so are your clients.

💗 Your client's energy is up, periods are flowing, feeling younger, less stressed, and vibrant, exuberant, yet calm.

💗 You can handle any situation life throws at you… even during that time of month.

💗 You have a full blueprint of the philosophy of the goddesses, poses, sequences and cueing to lead a class with full confidence. 

💗 Your clients are strong in their morning routines of yoga and meditation, feeling happy and at peace.

💗 You have all the tools and resources to give clients intake forms, craft sequences, offer guidance and help them become healthier, happier and more in tune with their shakti power. 

💗 You are balanced, high vibrational, living your dreams and no longer dependent on anyone or anything to feel happy, healthy, energetic and alive. 

💗 Most importantly, you are proud of yourself and your clients for making the necessary changes in your life with diet, yoga, and meditation.

💗 You are able to tap into the wisdom of tantra, numerology, yoga, mudra, meditation and so much more to guide your clients into powerful kundalini awakenings, safely and in your scope of practice.

Ancient Feminine Wisdom

We will be working with the ancient technology of yoga, ayurveda, chakras, and goddesses to overcome emotional blockages trapped in the body. You will be provided the tools necessary to lead others in this unique style of yoga. 

  • Through the philosophy of tantra, you will learn about ethical and moral principles for living in tune with spirit, the goddesses and the earth. 
  • Through ayurveda the  "science of life", you will learn how to balance yours and your client's doshas to overcome menstrual imbalances that cause womb pain, fatigue and more. 
  • We will use breathwork to optimize the vagus nerve and chakra system, connecting you to your body, mind and soul in a healthy way. 
  • We will work with the ancient yoga goddesses to experience the rise of shakti and power in your body. 

This powerful modality is needed for the world to come more into balance...honoring the sacred feminine and loving the earth. 🌸

Some things you will be able to help your clients with...

🕊 How to heal intense mood swings and severe period cramps

🕊 How to get rid of numbness and pelvic pain so they can experience full body, mind-blowing multi-orgasmic pleasure

🕊 How to stop swinging from super positive to insanely depressed during that time of the month

🕊 How to navigate heavy thoughts, exhaustion, brain fog and the judgment towards themselves when they aren't motivated to work out

🕊 How to easily lose or gain weight because you gave them the tools to understand their body

🕊 How to become fertile and stabilize their cycle after being too light

🕊 How to get back their appetite and loss of energy in a natural way

🕊 How to heal lackluster hair, nails and hormonal acne

🕊 How to get rid of blood clots and extra long periods (7 days or more)

🕊 How to express hard emotions and stop self-isolating because they bottle up anger and pop

🕊 How to feel immensely connected to their body and soul so they can say and do whatever they need to love themselves

🕊 How to make big decisions in their life and business every day with ease and flow

🕊 How to stop feeling frustrated, wallowing in sadness, self-judgment and making decisions from this place of confusion

🕊 How to stop binge eating, skipping meals, succumbing to sugar cravings and begin eating like a goddess

🕊 How to feel confident with money, their business, life and overall well-being

🕊 How to stop self-sabotaging, rushing, overworking and feeling the pressure of the modern world

You will have the resources to teach on these topics and make sure you stay in your scope of practice. You will be able to guide and recommend, not diagnose or treat diseases.  

Course Content & Modules

🕊 AYURVEDA - The Science of Life 











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Hi I’m Margie

I'm a fitness & holistic health coach for women who want to relax into their feminine nature, heal their womb, get strong and live in tune with the earth. I specialize in bringing the ancient wisdom of the goddesses, aerial, yoga and ayurveda to the modern woman. With over 11 years of experience/trainings in holistic health, (and a competitive athlete for 18 years before that) I am very passionate about helping women become the healthiest, most blissful version of themselves. I love to eat whole foods straight from my garden & believe being self-sustained is the path to freedom and abundance of all kinds- mind, body and soul. I created the modality, Aerial Yoga Goddess and have traveled the world training and empowering women to live a life of their wildest dreams for over a decade. ✦