Wild Womb Yoga Studio

This is a donation based online yoga studio- a safe space for women to heal menstrual disorders, sexual shame, balance their hormones and feel amazing in their body through yoga, ayurveda, emotional healing and ancient feminine womb wisdom. 

Get started today with weekly yoga classes, a monthly full moon goddess circle, support group and lots of resources to help you navigate this journey to healthy hormones and your divine femininity.

We stand for living in tune with the earth.

Feminine Cycles

Embrace your cyclical nature and create rituals to empower you through the often painful time of pre and during menstruation. You don't need to endure pain in this time. Let's get to the root so you can look forward to your moon cycle.

Weekly Yoga

Each week, you will receive a new yoga flow to go with each phase of the cycle. Turn inward, set intentions, build your energy and rest when you need to. Look forward to moving your body without overexhausting yourself in the pursuit of weight loss. Lose weight with ease and flow by balancing your hormones and stress levels.

Sisterhood of women devoted to self-love

In this safe space, you will meet other women who struggle with painful periods and are devoted to doing the emotional work to heal their body. Have access to daily support inside the group and monthly full moon ceremonies where we will get to the root of any imbalances you are going through. 


🌿You wake up with energy in the morning because you give yourself the love you deserve.

🌿You look at yourself in the mirror and say heck yes while feeling joyous, spectacular, emotionally healthy and amazing.

🌿Your work-life balance is next level… no longer pushing, forcing and over-working to prove your worth. 

🌿Thyroid levels have stabilized, back pain is gone, cramps have severely reduced and you are embracing your cycles like a goddess every month. 

🌿You feel connected to your femininity, feeling confident, grounded in your body and connected to the earth. 

🌿You gain weight or lose weight with ease because you have found the root cause of your menstrual, digestive and emotional imbalances. 

🌿You have the confidence to speak your mind and express yourself as you are and your emotions authentically in the moment…without the social anxiety. 

🌿Your are free from pain, fatigue and brain fog. 

🌿You feel fulfilled and are living your purpose, making money doing what you love every single day. 

🌿Energy is up, periods are flowing, feeling younger, less stressed, and vibrant, exuberant, yet calm.

🌿You can handle any situation life throws at you… even during that time of month.

🌿You are regularly working out without it being a drag. 

🌿You are strong in your morning routines of yoga and meditation, feeling happy and at peace.

🌿You are in harmonious and loving relationships that bring joy and peace and love into your life and heart. 

🌿You are balanced, high vibrational, living your dreams and no longer dependent on anyone or anything to feel happy, healthy, energetic and alive. 

🌿Most importantly, you are proud of yourself for making the necessary changes in your life with diet, yoga, and meditation.

Ancient Feminine Wisdom

We will be working with the ancient technology of yoga, ayurveda, chakras, and goddesses to overcome emotional blockages trapped in the body. Each month, we will embark on a new challenge to help you understand yourself- mind, body and soul. 

  • Through the philosophy of the yamas & niyamas, you will learn about ethical and moral principles for living in tune with spirit and the earth. 
  • Through ayurveda the  "science of life", you will learn how to balance your doshas to overcome menstrual disorders that cause womb pain, fatigue and more. 
  • We will use breathwork to optimize the vagus nerve and chakra system, connecting you to your body, mind and soul in a healthy way. 
  • We will work with the 13 ancient yoga goddesses to embody who we truly are, one for each full moon ceremony. 

Some workshops I have planned are: womb detox, booty building, meal plans and daily meditation 🌼

Everything you need to know to flow like a goddess in this modern world...

🌼 How to heal your intense mood swings and severe period cramps

🌼 How to get rid of numbness and pelvic pain so you can experience full body, mind-blowing multi-orgasmic pleasure

🌼 How to stop swinging from super positive to insanely depressed during that time of the month

🌼 How to navigate heavy thoughts, exhaustion, brain fog and the judgment towards yourself when you aren't motivated to work out

🌼 How to easily lose or gain weight because you gave yourself everything you needed to heal

🌼 How to heal growths in your womb like PCOS and endometriosis from ancient healing modalities

🌼 How to become fertile and stabilize your cycle after being too light

🌼 How to get back your appetite and loss of energy in a natural way

🌼 How to heal lackluster hair, nails and hormonal acne

🌼 How to get rid of blood clots and extra long periods (7 days or more)

🌼 How to express hard emotions and stop self-isolating because you bottle up anger and pop

🌼 How to feel immensely connected to your body and soul so you can say and do whatever you need to take care of yourself

🌼 How to make big decisions in your life and business every day with ease and flow

🌼 How to stop feeling frustrated, wallowing in sadness, judging yourself and making decisions from this place of confusion

🌼 How to stop binge eating, skipping meals, succumbing to sugar cravings and begin eating like a goddess

🌼 How to feel confident with money, your business, your life and overall well-being

🌼 How to stop self-sabotaging, rushing, overworking and feeling the pressure of the modern world

Each month, we will go deeper into these topics and I will give you the tools to heal, resources and action steps to make this a reality in your life. 

This program is built out into 1 year because that is a perfect amount of time to not just learn what you need to know but to embody all the principles we work with to balance your doshas, build a daily routine of yoga, regulate your hormones and increase your fertility.


Free to join

Donation optional

  • Weekly yoga classes for each phase of the feminine cycle
  • Monthly full moon workshop & ceremony 
  • Sisterhood support group
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About Margie Pargie

Margie Pargie is a certified women's holistic health coach. With over 500 hours in yoga training, 10 years of experience/trainings in holistic health, being trauma-informed and living a completely off grid, sustainable and toxic-free lifestyle, she is very passionate about helping women balance their hormones and enhance their fertility. She loves to eat whole foods straight from her garden and teach others how to relax fully into their feminine nature with the earth. She believes this is the path to freedom and abundance of all kinds- mind, body and soul.