WOMB Consultation 

In this session, I help you heal menstrual disorders like PMS, PMDD, cramps, back pain, heavy/light periods, PCOS, sexual shame and pain in the womb.



Let's heal your womb


If you have been feeling disconnected to your body, like you have armour up, hard to let people in, overwhelming feelings of sadness, grief, despair and loss...i am here to help you reconnect to your divine feminine overflowing loving nature. 

We need to feel seen, heard, loved, supported and taken care of to grow. I will help you by holding a safe space to connect with any heavy emotions that need to be released.


We find the ROOT of the issue and heal it naturally through modalities like- yoga, meditation, emotional healing, ayurveda and ancient feminine wisdom. 

We start with an intake form for me to access where you are now and where you desire to be with your mind, body, soul and womb. We will meet for a 90 minute session where I hold a safe space for you to access healing of the womb. 

You will receive a personalized plan to continue your journey of healing your womb through holistic health practices. 

Come with an open heart and mind, ready to unlock the spaces of unworthiness, pushing, forcing, fear of too muchness, abandonment, rejection and procrastination. 

You will leave with a clear heart, mind, soul and body full of energy to create the life you desire. You will feel alive and connected to your heart and womb, activated in your highest vibrations.

This is your time, Goddess. I'm so excited to help you on your path to living fully in alignment with your feminine nature and embodiment of the Queen archetype. 

Once you book, you will be directed to fill out an intake form. Once that is filled out, you will be directed to book the call.