New Moon Insights | Lalita Tripura Sundara

goddess lalita tripura sundari new moon Jul 17, 2023

This New Moon, we are evoking Lalita Tripura Sundari, the goddess of erotic spirituality🌸

At the height of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, your soul is asking for your wildest expression to come to life…not for validation but because your heart has deep sensual desires that can no longer be shoved down. By tapping into ALL of your senses, your truth is most deeply shown to you.

It’s the season of rebirth.
Fertile ground.
Harvesting your fruit.

the time of harvesting all that we integrated over the winter. All that darkness we went through…we can see the shifts in our character now.

The ancient feminine wisdom is urging us to feel the sunshine hit our skin, the wind tickle our fancy, the river to let us float downstream.

Celebrate how far you’ve come.
Accept yourself now.
Reflect on how good it is to be alive.
Sit in nature and listen to the sweet messages of spirit.

You have everything you need and you are incredibly enough to receive your wildest desires.

happy new moon, my loves 💓

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