Femme Agency


FEMME shakti

power, energy, or force. divine feminine, the goddess. The 5 faces are conciousness, ecstacy, desire, knowledge and action. 

AGENCY power

your capacity to influence your own thoughts, behaviors and power. your ability to handle a life and business of your dreams. Your sense of agency helps you to be psychologically stable, yet flexible in the face of conflict or change. 

We help you step into your divine feminine power so that you can handle the next level of your business. We give you all the tools, templates, team and strategy to help you stay in your creative energy, fueling your biggest vision and dream.


Hi Gorgeous Coach,

Ready to elevate your business from fabulous to fierce? Say goodbye to juggling social media, hunting for leads, endless DIY marketing and drowning in admin tasks. It’s time to rise and shine with Femme Agency – your ultimate partner in scaling up with the ease of seamless systems that flow like honey and make that big money. 


Here’s How We Make Magic Happen🌸 

Social Media Management: No more late-night panics over what to post. Our savvy social media experts will whip up stunning content that captivates your audience and converts. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok – we’ve got your back! (I’ll even show you EXACTLY how to prepare mass amounts of copy and content for your new team member in record speed)

Lead Generation: Tired of playing hide and seek with potential clients? Let us handle it. Our lead gen gurus will fill your pipeline with hot prospects eager to dive into your coaching brilliance.

Customer Service: Because your clients deserve the royal treatment. Our customer service queens handle everything from inquiries to complaints, ensuring your clients feel valued and heard. You coach, we care.

Team Building: Ready to scale but lost in the hiring maze? We’ve got you covered. Our recruitment experts will help you assemble a dream team, so you can expand your empire without breaking a sweat.


Why The Femme Agency? 

We Get You: We know the hustle, the grind, and the late-night brainstorming sessions. We’re here to make your life easier and your business bigger.

Results-Driven: Fluff is for pillows, not your business strategy. We deliver real, measurable results that you can see and feel in your bottom line.

Total Package: From the first Instagram post to the final client email, we handle it all. Consider us your one-stop-shop for scaling success.



It’s time to turn those dreams into reality. Let Femme Agency be your secret weapon. Together, we’ll take your coaching biz from GOOD to GODDESS.

Hi! i'm Margie 

Most would describe me as a powerhouse Queen, commanding my life like magic. But in reality, I am just a girl who decided to follow her dreams relentlessly everyday, not for the externals, but for a sense of adventure.

I've been coaching and managing female empowerment brands for over a decade. I love helping women become more financially free, creative and downright sexy. We are here to live a life beyond our wildest imagination. I help you step fully into the next level of your self and brand.

My expertise lies in helping you find more ease in your sales system, social media management and content. I have a team of amazing women who help make your life easier. We do the daily work and marketing to make sure there are eyes on your content everyday.

After having a personal brand that became huge- a pioneer of aerial yoga...I began to travel, helping women all over the world. Being featured on magazines, mainstream commercials and so much more. We don't just make you known, we help you make tons of money.


This is the team of goddesses you've been dreaming of.

Join the Femme Revolution

Starting at $10/hour

Are you ready to transform your coaching business into the empire it was destined to be? Don’t wait. Spots are limited, and greatness doesn’t wait for anyone

  •  Your own personal virtual assistant for all your online coaching business needs 
  • VA Academy - a full comprehensive course with all my SOPs that have made my business...a dream come true.
  • Text and audio support with Margie on weekdays to make sure you are thriving 

** 2 month requirement to begin and 30 days notice to cancel **

Our promotional prices rise every month and are subject to change. Your price is locked in once you make your first payment.

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