For service-based women entrepreneurs who are ready to add coaching as a stream of income online


This is not for you if....

  • you are constantly looping and getting stuck in your drama 

  • you can't seem to ever get things off the ground

  • you let your circumstances keeping you looping 

  • you desire coaches (and men) to save you 

  • you blame everyone else for your own lack of responsibility for your life, drive, mission, purpose and results

  • you want to stay the same and get overwhelmed with lists, calendars, schedules and responsibilities

  • you consistently make excuses for showing up for yourself and your dreams

  • you are always thinking about yourself, your life and how everything around you can serve you 

I work with powerful women who want to get out of their own way, serve their dream clients & do it from anywhere in the world. 

​Long gone are the days of.....

  • Disordered relationships with money

  • Self-sabotage, looping, drama, complaining, gossip and straight bullshit

  • Burning out and sacrificing your health 

  • Trying to be someone you’re not

  • Leaning back and getting bored to try to "be feminine" 

  • Shaming your masculine energy and deep desire to be massively successful 

  • Obnoxiously technical launch strategies that make your head spin 

  • Having to fit into a “one-size-fits-all-strategy” some business coach told you to do

  • Needing to outsource and hire a huge team 

  • Hating selling anymore

  • Having to become a business coach because that’s what you were told makes money 

  • ONLY Flaunting lifestyle, money numbers, and relationship status constantly

  • Using your sexuality to sell and creepily “seducing your audience” 

  • Living on an endless hamster wheel of healing yourself

  • Using NLP and manipulation sales tactics that feel gross

  • Using buzzwords like codes, intrusive eye contact or handling objections to close the sales

Then it is time...

To align to your deepest gifts, the thing you have been doing all your life. The thing you feel most embodied in…because from that confidence you will become absolutely magnetic to your soul babe clients. When you pair this with an offer that people truly need, magic happens. Grow your social media from a place of true service, sales that feel good and launching that is an extension of your flow state. Once you find the sweet spots in your business, automating will be easy. You can repeat this process over and over and over again for anything you want to create. 


I know you probably think...

  • I am so behind, i should be so much further along than this...

  • I need to hire a team, i just cannot even do all this backend stuff...

  • Why aren't my course launches selling out like HER?!

  • As soon as i have success, i spend all my money and i am back in the same place...

  • Tech freaks me out, i get so frustrated with everything online.

  • It's just the algorithm, nothing gets noticed and i am so tired of trying...

  • Why won't my shit just blow up already?!

  • I'm leaning back and trusting, why isn't it falling in my lap?!

  • I'm talking about my services, why aren't they buying?

  • I don't have the ad spend to do this ( don't need it) 

  • I’ve burnt out before or had failed launches, how is this different?

  • The coaching industry is so saturated and i’ve invested and not seen results. 

i get it...

I’ve been in the coaching industry for about 10 years now and i saw the rise of all the trends…charge high ticket, lean back, only work 4 hours per week, launch big, do evergreen, become a business coach, flaunt your money wins, seduce your audience, surrender into your feminine….. I’ve been burnt by huge coaches. I’ve burned out. I’ve pivoted into every niche possible. 


That’s why i know what works. I know what doesn’t work. I can see through the smoke and mirrors. I was selling online courses before there was anywhere to house them (like even before Facebook Live yo). I saw the pyramid scheme of coaches coaching coaches coaching coaches birth itself and i also see it crumbling. 


I’m not here to only coach coaches. I am here to help people who have a skill, an art, a business offline too that want to go online. They are a few steps ahead of their ideal client.


I also feel I am here for the coaches that have been through what i have been through because it was a journey to unplug from all of that and get back to my true genius where i started on this journey. 

You're tired of thinkng...

"I am so done hiding"

"I am so far behind" 

"I'm so ready to figure this out"

"I need a team to save me"

"Why am I not living the life I desire"

"The ups and downs of money is exhausting as f"

"I'm beyond ready, like yesterday to have the success I know I am capable of"

"Why am i giving up so quickly?!"

"My posts are not converting to sales"

"These sales calls without conversions are so tiring"

"It feels like no one around me gets it"

"Where are my boss friends at"

Pink Bubbles

So you might be wondering for real…how do you make consistent money online, Margie?

Well…i mastered the basics. Now I can create anything I want using this strategy. When I am clear in who I truly am at my core...whatever i create does well. I am going to teach you the necessary parts of branding and business that you must master to be successful. These are the core foundation of WHY business always works for me. 


I believe in the power of understanding every single WHY behind every action in your business. 

By knowing this, you learn exactly what works for you. When you know this, you also can speed up and slow down how you see fit. You are not confined to the boxes of business. You turn your business into a creative masterpiece that you are excited everyday to show up for. 

This is why i created this course...

My training is unique because I help you dig deep into every part of who you are and how that relates to your business. You can find what’s best FOR YOU. 


I’ll share with you what i’ve done…not because i think you should do it exactly like me. But because i share WHY i do what i do. When you understand the fundamentals of running an online course business, you have the power to continue honing deeper into your expertise. 


I have been marketing my businesses online since the very beginning of social media and i have tried many strategies. Part of my launch strategy is truly reflecting on what works and what doesn’t so that you can craft an online business that you absolutely love…that is unique to you and your zone of genius. So that you can create long-term sustainable growth without burning out. Calibrate to who you truly are and everything falls into place from there.

What you’ll learn inside of the course:

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 8.33.44 PM.png

embody your magnetism

this is where we will really step into who you truly are. The self-care, love, health and abundance that you can truly thrive from. I work on a weekly schedule with the planets that feels nourishing and grounding.

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 8.40.05 PM.png

expand your social media

we will dive into creating an editorial calendar, writing copy, growing an audience and standing out online so your people get to know you, trust you and feel confident signing up for your services.

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 8.34.27 PM.png

align to your deepest gifts

this is the magic you’ve been offering to the world your whole life. The expertise you are already sharing. We will turn this into unique niche & make sure it is something the world needs.

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 8.35.08 PM.png

activate your online business

i will show you how to create a simple sales funnel to get yourself going and offer ideas for attuning your business to what you feel most excited to create. Start selling within days without tech overwhelm.

Align to your expertise, launch your course, create content that attracts soul babe clients and sign them up for your online services.

Hi I'm Margie Pargie

Creator of The Agency of Pink & Aerial Yoga Goddess

I went from being a burnt out yoga studio owner/circus performer/model working over 60 hours per week making $6k/mo to working a few hours per day and having over $30k in sales in a month. 


I started travelling the world, living nomadically, hosted 22 retreats worldwide, getting to hug my online family in person in 7 countries and truly having time to explore the places i visit. 


I now live on a beautiful island off the grid, in the middle of an orchard in a rainforest where i can walk to the beach or a waterfall in 15 mins. I work from my home, cafes, between yoga classes (which feels amazing to walk into yoga studios without having 1 million things to do) I even get to work with some of the most amazing women owned brands in the industry…creating their content & running their social media in my Marketing Agency. 

I still run my million dollar brand, Aerial Yoga Goddess when my body allows and teach women how to uplevel their aerial practice through my ebooks, online course and YouTube channel.


To be honest, I didn’t work myself into the ground to create this life…

I discovered my truest gifts. I honed in on what makes me unique. What my zone of genius is. I eliminated pretty much everything that wasn’t that. 


I learned how to master business and marketing in a way that nourishes me and i became obsessed with creating systems for others to do the same. I didn’t listen to anyone who wanted to put me in a box. I did things my way. I tested. I trialed. I fell on my face publicly. I got back up and I continued to create what was burned on my soul to create. 

What you are going to learn

  • The specific stages of a launch and how to navigate them like a boss to have success. Tailor this launch method to the amount of time you want to spend creating, launching and expanding your offer. (i’ve had 11 day launches, i’ve had 30 day launches, find what’s best for you) 

  • Align to who you truly are so you can create a business from truth and authenticity that you are excited to show up for everyday. 

  • Decide exactly how many people you need to reach in your marketing efforts (no matter your audience size) in order to hit your launch goals. 

  • Create an offer that sells like hotcakes to your audience because you did the work necessary to have 100% certainty in it. Price it in a way that feels fair for you and the marketplace. 

  • Learn how to create a scale-able online time and location-independent business that makes you money everyday. You want to scale and expand your business past local and into a global community.

  • Learn how to set up a dope content plan and strategy that WORKS and will get your message into the world. Learn how to create an audience of die-hard followers who will buy anything you put out because they recognize your value and transform from your services.

  • Learn to LOVE selling, even if it has been a pain in your ass for more than you can remember. I will teach you how to see this process as part of your artistic expression that expands your big dream and vision.

  • Let go of all the weird ways of marketing in the sex money magic world. Stop wasting your time creating content that does not convert to sales and new leads. Start following this proven method that has helped women all over the world scale their business up to $40k per month.

  • Learn exactly how to make reels, write copy, hooks, call to actions without dancing and pointing at text. Create a plan that feels good, nourishing and creative for you. 

  • Ditch your procrastination and perfectionism in your business so you can start taking massive action now and bringing in more clients each month…

  • Learn how to eliminate your fear of failure once and for all. It doesn’t matter if you have failed in your marketing efforts, heard crickets or had no one sign up before. You will walk away with the tools necessary to grow your business and sign clients now.

The greatest part of all of this…once you understand this, you can create anything and have success. Travel the world, spend more time with your family, buy that piece of land with your friends…whatever tickles your fancy. The sky is the limit. 


Imagine this...

You wake up in your dream home, in the dream place you want to live, you leisurely spend the morning getting into alignment to blast into your creativity with your business. You sign in to post, create or engage on your social media, check your messages to chat with new soul babe clients interested in your services, check your email to new sales, vibe out with your clients doing what you love and if you want, you are doing this while adventuring to new coffee shops, exploring nature or strolling in the park. You have no worries about affording this lifestyle because you built a sustainable system that supports you.


No more…throwing together offer after offer hoping they work.

No more…dealing with tech overwhelm. 

No more…leaning back, wishing, hoping.

No more…burning out and giving up, doubting your unique gifts.

No more…feeling like you’re not far enough along. 

No more…beating up yourself up because you are spinning wheels, lost and confused. 

No more…of that nagging feeling like you could be playing WAY BIGGER and fully embodying your zone of genius. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This is for you if you know you are meant to go bigger, create a movement, help more people and expand your reach and services online. You have a service that you have already gotten clients results and you are ready to take it to the next level. You are done guessing, DIYing it, and trying to figure it out. You want the system. You want to know how to specifically tailor it to you. You are ready to make it happen NOW. 


Am I ready for this?

To know if you are truly ready, ask yourself, do i have a few hours each day to truly devote to stepping fully into my genius, my most aligned business and walking in full service with my soul babe clients. Are you ready to live life on your own terms? Are you ready to embody complete leadership in your life and let go of all the beliefs in the way that tell you you aren’t good enough?


Do i need a huge audience?


Absolutely not. I’ve watched clients who had less than 1000 followers have a $15k launch in one month. I’ve seen clients blow up their audience in a short amount of time. I even had my first $30k launch with only 4000 followers on YT. 

Do I need to be an expert at something?


You do need to have a skill, service or expertise that has gotten client’s results already. You don’t need to be the absolute best of the best, but you do need to be able to help someone who is just a few years behind you. I've worked with all types of businesses that want to expand their services to include online coaching; musicians, photographers, chefs, yoga studios, performers, beauty products, retreat centers, financial advisors, health coaches, relationship coaches, manifestation coaches, doulas, psychologists, hypnotherapists, tarot readers, bloggers/youtubers. I'm sure i'm missing some...but you get the gist.

How long will it take me to create and launch my online course?


This is really up to how much time and energy you have to invest into your business. If you are willing to go full time into this, you could absolutely have your first launch within 1 month. It’s up to you to really go in and do the inner work to get clear on the timeframe that is right for you. 

Do you offer refunds?


Because I know this training gets people amazing results, i do not offer refunds. It’s up to you to show up and do the work. Please be 100% certain this is right for you before you sign up. If you are unclear whether it is right for you, i am happy to speak with you and assess if it is a good fit. Hit that Let's Chat! box and we can go deeper. Absolutely no pressure to sign up. 

How long will i have access to the training?


You will have access to the coursework, updates and trainings forever. 

Is there support directly with Margie?


Yes, absolutely. I no longer outsource coaching because it is my zone of genius. I do weekly group coaching calls where you can get personalized feedback on Tuesdays at 11am-1230pm HST. If you'd like more personalized support, i would highly recommend upgrading to VIP. 

Do you include a support group?


Yes, we have a private support community to post, ask questions, stay accountable to your goals and find an accountability buddy. Those that are in the course are encouraged to work together and collaborate.

IMG_6426 3.JPG

Money in the hands of women truly helping and elevating the vibration of the planet, that’s what I am here for.

Once you join, you'll have access to...

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Pay in Full


All course content

Weekly Group Coaching

Support Group

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3 Month Plan


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VIP 1:1 Upgrade


All course content

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Personalized Feedback

Daily Support

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Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls

Not 100%? Hit the Let's Chat! box & i'll answer any questions you have. 

“Thank you for all of the amazing information you've shared with us and taught us. You have gone above and beyond, over delivered and exceeded my expectations. This course has been a game changer for my business. I've booked 9 new clients since we started last month. I have stepped way out of my comfort zone (due to the accountability) and your inspiration. Love you Margie and i look forward to continue to learn and grow from your teachings. 

Hope Socha, Hypnotherapist

Refund Policy - Because I know this training gets people amazing results, i do not offer refunds. It’s up to you to show up and do the work. Please be 100% certain this is right for you before you sign up. If you are unclear whether it is right for you, i am happy to speak with you and assess if it is a good fit. Absolutely no pressure to sign up. 

Terms and Conditions