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Women's Holistic Health Coach & Yoga Teacher Trainer specializing in healing your hormones, enhancing your fertility and flowing with your ancient feminine wisdom.

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Margie Pargie is a certified holistic health coach for women who want to relax into their feminine nature, heal their womb and live in tune with the earth. She specializes in bringing the ancient wisdom of menstrual health, yoga and ayurveda to the modern woman. She is very passionate about living a minimal off grid lifestyle. With over 500 hours in yoga training, 10 years of experience/trainings in holistic health, she is very passionate about helping women balance their hormones and enhance their fertility. She loves to eat whole foods straight from her garden. She believes this is the path to freedom and abundance of all kinds- mind, body and soul. She created the modality, Aerial Yoga Goddess and has traveled the world training and empowering women to live a life of their wildest dreams.

"Margie as I reflect on this past year, all of my growth as a woman, a leader, an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife and a provider; tremendous gratitude is outpouring from my heart to yours.

You initiated the awakening of my deeply malnourished divine feminine and through your practices I’ve learned to nourish Her and truly embody my Queen Spirit.

Not only have I revived my physical body, aligned my cycle with the moon, passed this wisdom on to my clients and patients but I’ve developed my intuitive gifts in mediumship, premonition and have learned how to deeply respect the FUCK NO energy when I feel it, establish healthy boundaries and honor my sovereignty.

Thank you Margie 🙏🏻"

- Michelle Dellene

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Master your health, hormones, & menstrual cycle. 

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Discover your ayurvedic dosha imbalances to heal any menstrual disorders. Take this FREE Quiz to make your menstrual cycle pain-free and even ORGASMIC. Take it here.

Wild Womb Yoga Studio 

As a teacher for insight timer, I upload daily podcasts, teach weekly yoga classes, monthly full moon ceremonies, and hold space for a private group of women. New courses coming soon too! This is the ultimate experience in healing your hormones, enhancing your fertility and flowing with your ancient feminine wisdom. Everything is donation-based and goes towards my minimal lifestyle and fertility farm/apothecary. 🌼 Join me here.

Womb Healing Consultation

In this session, I help you find the root cause and heal menstrual disorders like PMS, PMDD, cramps, back pain, heavy/light periods, PCOS, endometriosis, sexual shame and pain in the womb. Book a 90 minute call here.

Lakshmi Codes

1 year mentorship into the embodiment of Lakshmi- the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, beauty, fertility and prosperity. Learn more here.

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