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Here are some of my results this past couple months... 


Getting 2,458 new eyes on my website in the last 30 days.

To growing by 435 followers on Facebook in a few days.

To reaching 4000% more people on just one platform. 

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What's included: 

✧ Monthly strategy call to overcome mindset blocks, lay out content plan + go over last month's analytics

✧ Daily posts- a combination of carosels, photos, reels + stories. You provide the content, we organize, edit and post it. 

✧ Monthly target market research, ideas for content creation + hashtags. 

✧ Daily access to text support - weekdays 12-5pm HST. 

12 month commitment

42 Posts per month = $2222/mo or $24k pay in full.

30 Posts per month = $1500/mo or $16.5k pay in full.

15 Posts per month = $750/mo or $8.2k pay in full.

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