Aerial Yoga Goddess Training 

25 Hour Teacher Training and the course to have fun, feel/look amazing in your skin and uplevel your aerial practice. Get shredded & certified in 28 days with us.


πŸ¦„ Slay your aerial practice like a strong af ninja goddess. 100% online training

✨BE lighter, move gracefully and experience the bliss within you as you PLAY. πŸ’ͺ🏽I will help you to understand why you aren't taking next level action to get your dream body. πŸ’–We will align your food with your heart PLUS, I give you a roadmap to what I eat to be high vibe. πŸŒ™We will master your moon cycle (period) by syncing up your hormone fluctuations with your workouts/meals. πŸ”₯Everything you need to know to get ripped af, strong, flexible and make love to this beautiful artform. I got you boo, let’s slay. πŸ’“


What's included:

In this training, you will receive everything you need to master your aerial practice, no matter whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced. You can do the course as many times as you'd like. It's yours forever.

BE lighter, move gracefully and experience the bliss within you as you PLAY.

A breakdown of all the basic poses for beginners that you can reference through out the videos.

Everything you need to know to get ripped, strong, flexible and make love to this beautiful artform. Slay your aerial practice like a ninja goddess.

Peer Support group to help you along your journey so you aren't alone.

Sequences for every style of aerial yoga from yin to hatha to kundalini to power flow to flips and tricks.

Dozens of flips and tricks sequences to practice (with a spot, of course) so you can master the advanced poses.All the AYG YouTube videos in one place so you never have to go anywhere else to find sequences.

Meditations to make sure you are feeling relaxed, in the flow and in touch with your goddess energy everyday.



  1. Intro + how this works
  2. Safety first
  3. Pose Manual
  4. Shred Manual

28 Day Shred Challenge

  1. the goddess lifestyle
  2. playlists for frollicking outside
  3. beauty + being a vibrant woman
  4. your moon cycle
  5. authentic s e l f + slaying the shadow
  6. My weightlifting hack

Aerial Shred Workouts

  1. Week 1: Arms
  2. Week 1: Booty
  3. Week 1: Flips + Tricks
  4. Week 1: Abs
  5. Week 1: Full Body
  6. Week 2: Arms
  7. Week 2: Booty
  8. Week 2: Flips
  9. Week 2: Abs
  10. Week 2: Full Body
  11. Week 3: Arms
  12. Week 3: Booty
  13. Week 3: Flips
  14. Week 3: Abs
  15. Week 3: Full Body
  16. Week 4: Arms
  17. Week 4: Booty
  18. Week 4: Flips
  19. Week 4: Abs
  20. Week 4: Full Body
  21. BONUS: Aerial Yoga Shred Flips & Booty
  22. BONUS: Aerial Yoga Booty Tutorial

Beginner to Intermeditate Pose Demos

  1. Salute the Sun
  2. Sun Salutations A
  3. Sun Salutation B
  4. Warrior 1
  5. Warrior 2
  6. Warrior 3
  7. Camel Pose
  8. Boat Pose
  9. Backbend
  10. Front Flip to Seat
  11. Back Flip
  12. Cobra Pose
  13. Front Flip
  14. Downward Facing Dog
  15. Child's Pose
  16. Hanging Wrist Wrap
  17. Dolphin Pose
  18. Handstand
  19. Bound Angle
  20. Downward Facing Twist
  21. Lunge to Back Flip
  22. Bow Pose
  23. Splits
  24. Upward Facing Dog
  25. Extended Side Angle
  26. Headstand
  27. Triangle Pose
  28. Wide Fold Twist

Signature Sequences

  1. Hatha
  2. Flexibility
  3. Chakras
  4. Aerial Zen
  5. Flips and Tricks
  6. Power Flow
  7. How to Sequence an Aerial Yoga Class

Kundalini Dance Flips + Tricks Flows

  1. Flow #1
  2. Flow #2
  3. Flow #3
  4. Flow #4
  5. Flow #5

20 Intermediate to Advanced Flips & Tricks (in order of skill level)

  1. Opening + Safety
  2. Mermaid Flip In
  3. Spinning Heart Opener
  4. Hanging Wrist Wrap
  5. Lollipop Twist
  6. Levitated Goddess
  7. Goddess Flips
  8. Shooting Star
  9. Sexy Secretary
  10. Straddle Back Flow
  11. Mantaray
  12. Split Flip
  13. Wonderwoman Flip
  14. Pegasus Split Cupid
  15. Straddle Back Pegasus
  16. Double Twist Split
  17. Cupid Split to Secretary
  18. Cupid Split Roll Out
  19. Goddess Wrap Split
  20. Chandelier
  21. Levitated Backbend
  22. Ending video

Advanced Flips & Splits

  1. Crossback Split
  2. Crossback Stag
  3. Levitated Goddess Split
  4. Oversplits
  5. Fun Split

Sequences, Tutorials & Inspiration from YT (all in one place)

  1. Mermaid Inspiration
  2. Unicorn Goddess Flow
  3. Beginner's Tutorial
  4. Partner Valentine's Challenge
  5. Amazing Morning Sequence
  6. Sexy Abs
  7. Hips & Splits
  8. Mermaid Goddess
  9. Sacral Chakra
  10. Advanced Inspiration
  11. Maui Inspiration
  12. Nicaragua Inspiration
  13. Maui Inspo
  14. Inversions Challenge
  15. Advanced Flips + Tricks
  16. Get LIT | Solar Plexus Tutorial
  17. Slow Down + Yoni Kriya with CBD
  18. Yin Nighttime Tutorial | Sleep Well & Astral Travel
  19. Healing Your Body & Back Pain
  20. Splits & Flips
  21. Handstands & Arm Balances Inspiration
  22. 10 Benefits of Aerial Yoga
  23. Flow Inspiration
  24. Inspiration
  25. Aerial Yoga Inspiration
  26. How to be an Aerial Yoga Goddess Unicorn | Comedy
  27. Handstand Inspiration
  28. Aerial Yoga Inspiration
  29. Sexy Aerial Yoga Inspiration
  30. Morning Magic Challenge
  31. Sexy Aerial Yoga & Handstand Inspiration
  32. Morning Inspiration
  33. Partner Acro Inspiration
  34. Handstand and Aerial Yoga Inspiration
  35. Flips & Tricks Tutorial
  36. Aerial Yoga at Zen Awakening Festival
  37. Aerial Cave Tubing in Mohave Desert, California
  38. Aerial Yoga Inspiration
  39. Flow Tutorial
  40. Iceland Ninja Adventures
  41. World Tour | Orlando, Florida
  42. Aerial Yoga Inspiration | Sarasota, Florida
  43. Flips & Tricks Kundalini
  44. Shoulders
  45. Flips and Tricks Challenge | Grand Canyon
  46. Flow to Chill the Fuck Out
  47. Inspiration World Tour | Key West, Florida
  48. Handstand & Forearm Stand
  49. Handstand Inspiration | ITALY
  50. Divine Feminine Flow
  51. Booty Tutorial
  52. Mermaid Flow Tutorial
  53. Aerial Abs | 8 Minute Abs Workout
  54. Burning Man | Aerial Yoga Goddess World Tour
  55. Warm Up Tutorial | Magical Mykonos Greece
  56. PMS
  57. Hips
  58. Strength Tutorial
  59. SPLITS
  60. Amazing Morning
  61. Heart Chakra
  62. Pussy Power Kundalini Flow
  63. Chill Out | Aerial Zen
  64. Awesome Morning


  1. Stop Playing Small
  2. Stop Trying So Damn Hard
  3. Do Whatever tf You Want
  4. Goddess Meditation
  5. Choose to FLY!
  6. Find Your Inner Strength
  7. A Life of Your Wildest Dreams
  8. Love Yourself
  9. Activate and Open Your Third Eye
  10. Be Your Legacy
  11. Meet with your Loved One Who Crossed Over
  12. Highest Queen Self
  13. Dream Body
  14. Cord Cutting Breathwork & Chanting
  15. Gyan Chakra Kriya | Attract Opportunities
  16. Kriya for Elevation
  17. Yoni Kriya | Heal Your Divine Sexuality
  18. Yoga Buzz
  19. Flowering
  20. Release Drama
  21. Ego Eradicator
  22. Roaring in your Goddess
  23. Glow with the Flow
  24. Be the Light
  25. Jupiter Business
  26. Womb Healing Meditation

Arm Balances + Inversions (without the aerial hammock) Coming soon...

  1. Firefly
  2. Flying Pigeon
  3. Hollow Back Forearm Stand
  4. Bird of Paradise
  5. Forearm Stand
  6. Standing Heel Stretch
  7. Compass
  8. Crow
  9. Backbend Kickover
  10. Dancer
  11. Mermaid
  12. Headstand
  13. Floating Crow
  14. Handstand
  15. Sideplank Split
  16. Eight Angle
  17. Side Crow
  18. Twisted Floor Bow
  19. Standing Splits Bind


Do I need an aerial yoga hammock to practice this training?

Yes, absolutely. You will need access to an aerial yoga hammock for the beginner to intermediate poses. You will need access to an aerial sling, which is a bit longer to do the advanced flows. We highly recommend having a trained professional to spot you in the advanced sequences.


How do I rig my hammock?

You will need to consult with a professional rigger to hang your equipment properly.


I am beginner, will this training work for me?

Absolutely. The training is set up in order from beginner to advanced. Doing the Aerial Shred Sequences to get strong will help you prepare for the more advanced flows.


Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, i do not offer refunds. I do not guarantee results of any kind. Mastering this art takes years and years of practice. This is something you get to do forever! If you are unsure if you want to join this training, simply watch some of my free videos first.

Is there anyone who shouldn't practice aerial?

Anyone who is starting aerial should consult with a medical professional if they have any sort of concerns. People with high or low blood pressure should not practice. If you are over 300 pounds, you will want to start with floor yoga first because the fabric will most likely be very uncomfortable. Unless you have been doing aerial yoga before your pregnancy, you shouldn't start it after you're pregnant. There are certain moves that are not recommended for pregnant women, even if they have been practicing before. If you are easily sea sick, you may get sick from aerial yoga. I've found that this improved for me over time, but you may be different.

Hi Goddess! I'm Margie Pargie


I started my journey of fitness at the young age of 4 when my dad taught me to run. By age 6, i was leading the PE class and by 8, I was competing against the boys in the county trackmeet.


I was born to be a yoga teacher & lead others into the body. I went on to do track, cheerleading and gymnastics through college. Then i began running half-marathons, placing in the top 1% of the Nike Women’s Half with 7:16 splits (that’s 13 miles in 93 minutes) I dropped to my knees & sobbed tears of gratitude after that one. It was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life.


That was when I found hot yoga for the first time… AND I ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE! i went every single day for months and my life changed drastically. I was offered a 200 hour aerial yoga certification in return for marketing help because my social media was blowing up sharing my love for yoga….and i quit my job!!


Shortly after that, i opened a yoga studio and it was waitlisted almost immediately!


I started posting tutorials on youtube & the rest is history.


With 10 years under my belt of teaching yoga, i can tell you that almost ANY BODY & any skill level can begin a practice of aerial yoga. I've seen so many people bust through fears in the hammock and do flips for the first time. It's very exciting and exhilarating! 


By first mastering the basics, building strength, core and a relationship with the hammock, you can easily move into the intermediate and advanced poses. 


I've also seen people who can't stand regular yoga fall in love with aerial yoga. It's truly a magical transformation when you commit to showing up everyday to be able to dance effortlessly in the air. 


I can't wait to see your practice evolve 🌸


xx, Queen MP da ninjaaaa



πŸ’“ 200 Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training πŸ’“ 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training πŸ’“ Women’s Holistic Health Certification πŸ’“ 180 Hour Integral Leadership Program at Esalen Institute (Work/study Speak to Inspire) πŸ’“ Access Consciousness Bars Training πŸ’“ Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) Weekend Intensive πŸ’“ Top Yoga Teachers in Florida by Google πŸ’“ 3 month Kundalini Business Training πŸ’“ Owned + Taught at The Yoga Hangout SRQ 4 years πŸ’“ Taught 22 national & international retreats πŸ’“ 10 Years of experience & thousands of women served πŸ’“ Thousands of hours and over $100k invested in private mentorship in yoga & healing πŸ’“


Anyone viewing, purchasing or using the information in any of these  videos/training waives all liability claims against Margie Pargie. Use of the content may result in injury or death. No amount of care, concern or knowledge can eliminate all risks in aerial yoga activities. Use your equipment at your own risk! By purchasing this product, you agree that you will rig safely.



This is your chance to get even stronger, more flexible & master your flips + tricks! Get certified as an Aerial Yoga Goddess!