Feeling Juicy in Your Body | Yoga

confidence kundalini yoga menstrual cycle yoga Jul 17, 2023

It’s dat time: to feel so fucking yummy in your body. aura lit. you know you’re the shit. juicy goddess vibes flowing- that’s all i want for yew, Queen💓

Absolute confidence in your skin, moving through life with ease because you feel safe in this uncertain world.

You aren’t putting up with bullshit that doesn’t match your frequency anymore.

Full embodiment of who you truly are💓

You are OPENING to life and letting it pour into you💦

Taking the big scary leap into the unknown, because you know that’s where the magic is💞

When you do the deep shadow work to move through layers of pain, you pop out the other side like a bad bitch.

That’s what we do inside my new course.

All the embodiment tools for healing menstrual disorders, Ayurvedic nutrition, yoga, being your true self, so expressed, so authentic, so real.

HEALTH: physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially.🐆

Oh and probably growing a garden + frolicking in nature 🔥

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