Handstands for Feminine Health | Motivation

bliss yoga handstands holistic health womens health yoga Jul 14, 2023

You are a fucking Queen. You have nothing to prove. No one to ask permission. You are not to be tamed or fit into some little box. You’re not here to sit down and look pretty. ⁣⁣
You’re here to be seen, known.
You’re here to challenge the status quo.
You’re here to growl, roar and blaze change for the revolution that is YOU. ⁣⁣
With a world that profits from you forgetting your truth, it’s rebellious to drip in orgasmic energy, standing in your truth. ⁣⁣

Break free from the cages of your mind. ⁣⁣
Know that anything is possible & don’t ever settle for love that makes you feel like you’re too YOU🔥⁣⁣
Drop a 💓 if you’re fueling your fire today, Queen ⁣⁣

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