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holistic health motivation relationships Jul 13, 2023

People that you love are going to project their insecurities on you.

They are going to say mean and nasty things.

They are going to blame you, hurt you and reject you.

It’s going to hurt like hell.

It’s going to sting.

You might question why you love so hard.

Why you care.

Why you put in the energy when people just take you for granted, trying to rip you to shreds without even asking how you feel.

If what they are thinking and feeling is true for you.

In the middle of it, it will seem insane to think that rejection is redirection but God didn’t put this situation in your path for you to close.

To run.
To hide.
To put up walls.

He put it there for you to open to a greater love, a greater connection, a more peaceful friend.

Do not be afraid of your tears, let them soften you, let them bring you into your body, let them pour down your face like sweet honey.

Dance in your emotions, they are your greatest teacher.


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