The Truth About The Beauty Industry

beauty confidence endocrine disruptors endocrine system greenwashing healthwashing holistic health womens health Jul 12, 2023
beauty industry, the truth, endocrine disruptors, greenwashing

I was incredibly sick and disgusted when i first started diving into the truth behind the beauty industry….

I grew up as a girly girl, always dressed up & wearing makeup. I couldn’t leave the house without a little bit of make up on. The thought of not wearing make up was extremely stressful.

I struggled with little breakouts that left me self conscious, even into my late 20s. (Pittas, i see you). So the thought of being fully exposed without my face on gave me anxiety.

As i became a women’s holistic health coach and began optimizing my hormones so i could be as fertile (and happy) as possible, i began to read the labels on makeup, realizing how much toxic stuff there is. When we put this toxic crap on our skin, it absorbs into our blood stream and disrupts / mimics the body’s natural hormonal processes that keep us juicy and fertile.

In the simplest terms, MOST makeup has some form of plastic, dioxins, stuff they use to make planes, weapons and god knows what else, coatings, carpet…🙄

On top of that…a lot of “natural” cosmetic brands use the trend of healthy makeup to jack up the price and still put toxic shit in there. I was furious when i went to my local health food store and 90% of the products had something dangerous in it.

This led me to begin making my own products at home, focusing deeper on my inner beauty, getting a little bit of sunshine per day and most importantly…eliminated stress as much as possible. My face cleared up, my confidence without making up grew and now i don’t even think about it.

I love to get dolled up for a shoot or a spicy date but overall….I’d much rather lather on a flowery oil that i sourced locally than any other bullshit. This also really supports my life value of being a creator over a consumer.

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