6 Tips to Heal Menstrual Cramps Naturally

cramps holistic health hormones menstrual cycle menstrual disorders Jul 12, 2023

🩸 I believe that menstruation is THE most powerful time of the month for women to harness their intuitive energy, slow down and receive wisdom. It’s the time that we are gifted the most potent and clear downloads for our purpose, next steps and ways to become more authentic in our expression. Heightened visions and deeper dreams assist us if we allow this time to slow down and let it transform us. 💕

If you struggle with cramps, headaches, back pain, mood swings or irritability, it’s your body telling you that something is out of balance. The more healthy and in tune you are with your emotions, the less pain you will experience.

You don’t need to have pain and suffer during this time of the month. When you live a slow, intentional and natural lifestyle, you will find that this is simply a time to rest. There does not need to be shame and pain related to your cycle.

When you live with the natural rhythms and cycles, you become more magnetic, open hearted, vulnerable and strong. You become fertile with the gift of life. 🌿


🩸Dry Brushing
🩸Hot Oil Self-Massage (abhyanga)
🩸Castor Oil Pack
🩸Hot Shower
🩸Aloe Elixir
🩸Yoni Breathwork

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