8 Ways to Boost Your Fertility Naturally

ayurveda breathwork fertility heal your period holistic health libido womens health yoga Jul 13, 2023
8 Ways to Boost Your Fertility Naturally

#1 Eat breakfast

Eating breakfast tells your body it is safe, fed, nourished and can relax. Intermittent fasting wreaks havoc on a feminine body.


#2 yoga

Yoga helps your fertility in so many ways- stretching and opening the reproductive organs, calming the nervous system, opening the heart to connect intimately, strengthening the brain-gut connection and connecting you to your inner shakti (power)


#3 herbs

Taking herbs that help with the endocrine system can be an amazing way to boost fertility. I love shatavari, the herb of a hundred husbands, ashwaghanda, that regulates the nerves and maca for balancing hormones. Gingko is great for the brain as well.


#4 doshas

Getting in tune with your body's constitution in Ayurveda helps you to balance every part of your life. Understanding if you need coolness, wetness, dryness, etc. and working with the elements surrounding you...you can shift the energy in your body with food and your external environment.


#5 Stress

By eliminating unnecessary and chronic stress in your life, you literally heal every system in your body. Every menstrual imbalance and illness roots from inner stress. Become in tune with your emotions and what they are trying to teach you...feel it and let it go. Make inner peace a standard in your life.


#6 womb detox

When we do not digest our food, thoughts, feelings, etc, ama (waste in sanskrit) accumulates and gets trapped in the body. This waste then blocks passageways for our systems to flow. Taking a few days to eat kitchari, do a colonic/enema, drink lots of tea and herbs...meditate, relax and reflect is a great way to reboot the system.


#7 feminine energy

Shakti, meaning feminine power is the ultimate energy of the goddess. It has 5 faces: the power to be conscious, to feel ecstacy, to desire, to know and to act. You have a deep innate ancient wisdom of the feminine that is ALWAYS available to you.


#8 menstrual cycle

Your menstrual cycle is the perfect place to look for your fertility. If you don't have your moon, that means you also aren't ovulating. By getting in touch with exactly what is happening with your cycle and tracking it, you will find the imbalances and be able to heal anything that causes infertility. Living in tune with your menstrual cycle will feel amazing too.

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