How you feel at different stages of the menstrual cycle 💓

endocrine system heal your period holistic health hormones menstrual cycle womb healing womens health Jul 13, 2023

Here’s how the light and dark feminine plays out in the two phases of your 28 day cycle.

Ovulation and menstruation are 3-6 days that overlap these two cycles.

The light phase (follicular) begins on day 1 when you start bleeding. Even though, you have less energy because your body is detoxing- the womb, kidneys and liver through menstruation, you should feel a release of energy because your estrogen is rising.

The dark phase (luteal) begins on day 14ish when you stop ovulating. This is when your hormones drop- estrogen decreases and you go into a darker shadow phase. (This happens twice) progesterone, the fertility hormones is in charge of making sure you don’t have too much or too little estrogen (building blocks of feminine radiance)

This is the most important part of your cycle to do deep emotional work. If you have unresolved emotions, they will show up here as PMS symptoms- irritability, rage, mood swings, fatigue.

PMS is a menstrual imbalance and you don’t have to endure these intense feelings. You can heal them and smoothly move through the light and dark phase of the month with ease and even….celebration.

During my light phase, i am more externally expressive and in my dark phase, i am move internally expressive.

This also isn’t a hard truth- if i want to do something external during my dark phase and it feels good for me, i do it.

I’ve come to realize that the light and dark feminine also have their own shadow sides inside of me…like the good girl who fawns and overgives / the bad bitch who exploits her sexuality and manipulates.

i am devoted to feeling safe, alive and nourished in my body by doing the deep work, internally and externally. Clearing the unresolved inner shadows & nourishing my body with everything it needs to thrive. To work with and love my hormonal fluctuations because my femininity and fertility is what makes me shine.

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