3 Causes of Painful PMS through the Lens of Ayurveda

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heal PMS with ayurveda

Ayurveda, the science of life, offers an ancient holistic approach to healing menstrual disorders💕

Through understanding our body, the connection to earth, food + movement, we find REAL solutions without being dependent on a system that wants to keep us sick for profit.

Depending on which dosha is imbalanced, you will have different symptoms of PMS

Pitta = fire + water

Vata = air + ether

Kapha = water + earth

Understanding your unique constitution & environmental elements is key...in each moment.


pms + too much pitta



Short fuse


Carb + Sugar cravings


Blemishes Headaches Breast sensitivity

Nausea Rashes

**It's most important to pacify the fire, the steam and create coolness in the body. Slowing down is very helpful.


pms + too much vata




Racing thoughts


Cravings for salty food




**It's most important for vata to ground and find stability. They need more nourishment to increase estrogen.



pms + too much kapha


Feeling sad

Wallowing in emotions

Swollen breasts


Binge eating

Emotional eating

**It's most important for kaphas to get moving and not get stuck in the mud. Walks in nature with light meals. They need to decrease estrogen.


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