28 Day Aerial Shred Glow UP!πŸ•Š

aerial yoga goddess Jul 29, 2023
aerial yoga to get shredded in 28 days program to sign up

I'd love to invite you to do the 28 Day Aerial Shred Challenge!!!

It is 28 days of high intensity aerial power flows- 20 workouts, including arms, booty, abs, flips and tricks and full body! Full color instructional manual to go with videos for each and every one to follow along with me! Watch your life transform with aerial workouts 5x per week!!! 

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Do you feel like you are ready to dive straight into the Teacher Training instead? The Aerial Shred COMES WITH it!

Check out all the details here to get certified online with the Yoga Alliance!

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From beginner to intermediate to advanced....this is the place to be to deepen your aerial yoga practice!

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Download the FREE Womb MeditationΒ 

Enter into the cosmic womb to healΒ your sacred feminine energy.Β Harness your divine creative sensual energy and celebrate being a woman.Β Reclaim all of who you are.

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