I am no longer a chaotic woman, I am a goddamn peaceful Queen.

confidence womens health Jul 18, 2023
how to be a peaceful woman

I have truly transformed from a chaotic woman to a peaceful woman. I do not need to be hyped up to feel happy. Although, i do feel many moments of buzzing excitement about life. I am grateful when those moments come, although i do not need them anymore.

I used to live on a constant rollercoaster of highs and lows with boredom in between. TEXTBOOK #pms …

I now live in a steady state of contentment, peace and harmony with life. I’m not afraid of death. I have touched the edge and i live every day fully immersed in my art.

I am human and worry and stress although…it rarely if ever consumes me or takes me off my focus. When it does, i simply rest.

I do not feed the negativity. I discern and make necessary changes from my inner guidance. It does not last.

I don’t need a lot + i am happy. I have found a deeper love than ever for myself, my life and the world. That has nothing to do with my external achievements, looks, success or potential.

Thank you so much for everyone in my life who has been there in my darkest hours and mirrored back love, reminded me that i am enough, that i am not too much and that you believe in me.

The last year has been a very deep awakening where I’ve felt taken care of by the people I’m close with after feeling overwhelmingly rejected by others who left. That is what I’m most grateful for right now.

My ability to shed, grow and allow in deep love…because i have found it inside of myself🕊️

This is my journey from PMS to Bliss 🤍
Healing my womb.
Remembering who i truly am.
Trusting myself.
Balancing my hormones.
Eliminating the exhausting symptoms of PMS that wreaked havoc on all areas of my life.

My dream is to see more women feeling absolutely blissful in their body. To feel the overflowing abundance of creativity, joy, focus and magic of being immersed in their art. To be paid well do it too, unapologetically.


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